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VHS, LD & other

VHS, LD & Other formats VHS

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CED NTSC Embassy release

LaserDisc NTSC Embassy release 13805

LaserDisc NTSC Criterion CAV CC1120L

LaserDisc PAL WHV Directors Cut

VHS Japan Original version WV-20008 1991

VHS Japan Directors Cut WV-12682 1993

NTSC 10th Anni Nelson Release 1992

VHS PAL 10th Anni Edition Parkfield release

VHS PAL Directors Cut with original trailer Maverick release S012682

VHS PAL Directors Cut WHV PES12682

LaserDisc, VCD, CED

Japan Laser Disc Original cut 1983 Extended Play 08JL-70008 CLV, pan&scan (probably identical to the Embassy laserdisc), 2 sides, digital stereo, subtitle/dubbing unknown, pressing unknown.

Japan NJL-20008, CAV, letterboxed (true aspect ratio 2.50:1), 4 sides, digital stereo, subtitled in Japanese, Pioneer pressing. (Mastered from the Criterion Collection CC1120L but omits some of the English supplemental material.) 1987.

Warner Home Video Japan NJL-12682, CLV, letterboxed (true aspect ratio 2.41:1), digital stereo, Japanese subtitles, Pioneer pressing, no supplements. (From same video master as the domestic WB-12682.)

Directors Cut

Original Cut

Warner Home Video Japan NJWL-20008 CLV release of the European Theatrical Cut. Contains extra snippets of violence not found in the US Theatrical Cut. Warner Bros licenced Criterion's letterboxed transfer for this disc and has Japanese subtitles below the picture.

The original Embassy Home Entertainment release of the film. Comes in a jacket with a ha3D"Tahoma" SIZE="14"r. This is the US Theatrical Cut of the film. Does not contain the extra snippets of violence found in the European Theatrical Cut (which later became the default home video version).

The original European release version, with footage cut from the American theatrical release. This version includes the narration by Deckard and longer ending that was removed from the Director's Cut. Gouache illustrations, pen and marker drawings, and preliminary sketches by Syd Mead, the film's "visual futurist" Detailed scene-by-scene analysis, trivia test and Blade Runner bibliography

The one that started it all, the UK big box PEV 700008