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Studio / Production used items

Stephen Dane pencil drawings of Disinfectant Wagon and Tanker #2

Bluprints of set (Zhora scene)

Studio Headed note paper pad

Story Boards

9 pages featuring Mary the missing Replicant

25 pages of unused farm sequence

Stephen Dane Drawings of Tanker #1

Stephen Danes Car Park Pass

Dangerous Days folder with production invoices

December 22nd 1980 script, 7 replicants inc Mary and Hodge.Tyrell building is called NEKKO. Signed in person by Jo Turkel, Joanna Cassidy, and William Sanderson

Unused Resin Part of Tyrell Building

Studio / Production Used Items

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January 7th 1980 Script previously owned and signed by Michael Deeley

Story Boards

Original script previously owned by Tom Duffield set designer,with business card. Dated December 22nd 1980

Maybe the only existing pre production storyboards left, previously owned by Sherman Labby and bought from his estate. The top sheet is also signed.

Clapper Board




Scripts and Story Boards

Re arranging this page over the next couple of days, it may get a bit messy!!

Feb 23rd 1981 Shooting Script Previously owned by Ivor Powell

New item

Joe Turkels spare spectacles. One of only two pairs made. Joe still owns the other. They are real tri-focals made for his prescription.

Hand drawn originals of design artwork for Joe Turkells spectacles. Other character spectacles also incuded. Ridleygram 3rd image along

New item

New items

65mm Matte originals

These are the chairs used throughout the production of the film for Harrison and Rutger to sit in between takes, etc. The full chair set ups are exactly as used during filming - complete with the original chairback and seat portion Harrison Ford's chairback also has two script pouches, one on each arm. Rutger Hauer's chair has a single script pouch.

January 7th 1980 Script previously owned by Set Dresser Peg Cummins