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Screen used Props

Spinner Decal

Umbrella from street scene

Holdens office in the Tyrell Building

Rubber Spinner Badge

Deckards ground car Hubcap

Spinner front light assembly

Armadillo van back Panels

Number Plate

Mail Box Sign

Large section of Cityscape

Front panel from Deckards Ground Car

Police Badge

Spinner Cockpit control Panels

Single Piece of Etched Cityscape

Screen Used Props

Tyrell Outside Elevator

Parking Sign

Police station Spinner miniature

Copyright © 2009 Geoff Hutchins. All rights reserved. This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service:

Police Badges

Voight Kampff Manual

Damaged Spinner Miniature, from the top of police station

Street Vehicle

Overhead shot of cityscape panel ,

Metal Police Badges

Zhoras spiked Leggings

Deckards Rubber Stunt Blaster

Zhoras full costume.