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Me and latest news

A bit about me

Born in 1956 in East London and now living in Essex in the South East of England. I run a Production company supplying equipment and resources to a number of clients throughout the UK. At the time of writing I live with my wife Tracy in a 1920's farm house. I have a son and daughter, one grandson and one grandaughter. I love them all dearly.

I have been collecting for some time now and remember it started with the large box VHS. I did not know at the time it would gradually draw me deeply into the world of Blade Runner.

All images and items on this site i own and have in my possession.

About Me

I am seriously looking at putting on some kind meeting in 2009, waiting for 2019 is a worry when you are in your 50's. Will keep you posted.

Latest News

9th May 2014Very successfultime displaying my props at the Antwerp SCI fi Convention. Now off to another in Folkstone this Saturday.A very nerve racking time last week when Empire Magazine came round to do a peice on my Blade Runner Collection. should be out at the end of the month5th March 2014I am very proud to have been asked to provide some screen and production used items from my collection for the upcoming exhibition at the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf titled "The city of the future in film history"It runs 5th April to 10th August 2014. March 2014Email link fixed. sorry again.3rd March 2014Very excited that i will soon have the Charles Knode Bible and personal script here to share with you.21st NovemberJust repaired the contact Email page. I had not realised there was a problem with this. Apologies if you have had your emails returned.22nd OctoberI thought the interview was really good and looks fantastic layed out. Thanks to James Bacon for letting me be part of the Fanzine.THe whole publication is here and i highly recommend itThis particular issue was about PKD but there is also a Blade Runner edition 12th October 2013Had a fantastic 2nd half of the year. attended 2 London Film and Comic Cons with my screen used display and it went down very well i am happy to say. Meeting Joanna Cassidy was the high light especially as she came to the stand to look at her costume she wore during filming.I have added a production used script ownwd by the set dresser Peg Cummins, and 2 new books.I have been invited to take my exhibition to Antwerp next year.21st April 2013I would like to apologise for the lack input into the website this last 4 months or so, due to illness i have not been able to spend time on the site. Hopefully things have changed for the better and i am looking forward to updating asap. Thanks for your patience.4th OctoberWell what a disaster, the Joanna Cassisdy shooting script that i won fair and square on the Profiles in History auction has failed to materialise. I had the invoice to pay and still have the winning bid confirmation in my in box but profiles slipped up and sold it to a floor bidder instead at the same price i bid. There is nothing i can do. Gutted.3rd AugustTweeks being made to site so things may move round a bit. Creating sub pages for screen used at the moment.2nd AugustThe plan is to revamp the site and seperate some of the items so they are easier to see, also i know the navigation is not the best. I have just won Joanna's personal script from the Profiles in History auction in LA with her signature on the rear cover.25th AprilArriving shortly will Randy Coopers amazing Spinner Model and a new screen used prop from the dash board of the spinner.1st MarchOn the End Title Variations page at the bottom i have added some additional incidental music tracks that i think warrant being seperated.Salomes Dance, The inkspots "if i didn't care" and the "Alternative love theme"17th Feb Video display graphic for esper, the one under the main screen to the right. Screen used video source.JUst uploaded the right hand video monitor graphic of the VK machine. This is the original screen used source.8th Feb 2012Going to LA in March to pick up Zhoras screen worn costume. I know have the complete outfit inc the spiked boots.All info prior to this date lost due to some really annoying and unknown reason