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Westwood PC

Westwood German version with Alternate Packaging

CRL Blade Runner for Commodore 64

CRL Blade Runner for Sectrum 48K

BR Game Demo

Trial Board Game

Making BR Game

Westwood Publicity Kit

Westwood Mouse Mat


TriviaThere are actually 12 different endings to this game.Some of the endings are somewhat random, at certain locations during the game, an event will take place. The outcome of the events, as well as which events happen, will help determine which ending you receive.This game was a testing nightmare, random events and 12 endings meant a tiresome test cycle. The Westwood Studios Quality Assurance Department played through the game over 2500 times. The game is beatable in 41 minutes if you skip through all the dialogue and know exactly where to go, what to do, who to talk to, and what to say.

European CD Rom Cover

USA CD Rom Cover

Audio CD Cover

Game video Seq