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Dyeline Sory Boards

Dyeline Story Boards

Original unused Pris/Deckard fight scene, She ends up with severed arm and being shot in the neck

These new five Storybards were previously owned by Ivor Powell. I know have the honor of preserving and looking after them on behalf of Blade Runner fans everywhere

Original unused opening sequence. Contains another character Roger. 15 pages

Deckards intro, reading paper in street etc. 9 pages

Holden and Leon in the tyrell Building. Alternative end in this one. Holden fires first at Leon then leon retailiates by taking Holdens Gun.

Deckard and Gaff flying to Police headquarters to meet Bryant

Deckard and Gaff visit Leons Hotel. Part of this sequence included Deckard shooting Replicant hiding in Room. Is it Roger?