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Audio and Video clips

Douglass Trumbull interview

Zhora BTS Stunt

Final Cut Venice Premiere

Doctor Who and Blade Runner

Audio and Video Clips

Audio Clips

Michael Deeley in Conference at the BFI. This is an edit featuring Blade Runner only

Michael Deeley, Paul M Sammon and Will Booker in Conference at the BFI Blade Runner day 21/3/2009inc strong comments on Yorkin and Perenchio.

Mark Stetson enhancing the Tyrell building. No audio as lanquage was Japanese only. Good to watch though.

Mark Stetson With Building Miniatures, no Dialogue, sorry.

Collection of stills from bts of the Buildings and making the Spinner filming Miniature

Pris Vidphone insert

New prviously unseen Dr schlect Vidphone insert. Pris inset happens after this because Deckard gets JR contact details from here.

Screen used video graphic used on the right hand screen on the VK machine.

Screen used video graphic used on the right hand screen on the Esper machine.